Davide Rossi

Big Life are thrilled to welcome multiple Grammy award winner Davide Rossi to the family. As one of  most innovative and original string/orchestral arrangers of recent times, Davide’s work can be heard in albums coming out from such an eclectic array of artists as Siouxie Sioux, Goldfrapp, The Verve, Dido, Röyksopp, Alicia Keys, One Direction, Recoil, Moby, Jon Hopkins, Rihanna and of course Coldplay who he has a long and establised creative collaboration with.

Showing an intense interest in music from a very early age, Davide picked up the violin at 10, achieving his classical Diploma and Masters at the Conservatory “G.Verdi” in Milan in his early 20’s. He later went on to study at Bath Spa University College, achieving a BA in Composition followed by an MSC in Digital Music Technology at the University of Keele.

Alongside his formal classical studies, Davide began experimenting with the alternative music scene in Turin which fostered a lifelong love of rock and pop music. As soon as his scholastic duties were completed and he had his diplomas, he joined Mau Mau as a violin player; a folk-rock band with truly cosmopolitan roots. The band’s first album “Sauta Rabel” was mixed by the legedary Peter Gabriel at Real World Studios and was awarded best debut album at the prestigious Club Tenco awards in Italy in 1992. The band went on to record a further five albums and have been honoured by sell out tours of Europe, the Middle East and  in 1994 they played over 100 capital European cities alone.

In the early 90’s Davide also begun to collaborate with other bands, as violin player and classical arranger and highlights from this early period are working with Casino Royale, Afterhours, La Crus, Bluvertigo and the singer song-writer Vinicio Capossela.

In 1990 Davide became a student and friend of the legendary guitarist Robert Fripp and became an avid pupil of Fripp’s intensive ‘Guitar Craft’ courses which he undertook all over the world for the next four years. It was Fripp who initally encouraged Davide to move to the UK, where he based himself between 1994 and 2003.

Ever the dedicated music scholar, in 1999 Davide attended a music course by German composer Karlheinz Stockhausen in Kuerten, near Cologne, Germany. This two week period, coupled with the expansive knowledge he gained under the tutelage of Fripp, have been hugely influential in shaping his future work and musical career.

In 2000 Davide was invited by musician Will Gregory to join Goldfrapp and he has been an integral part of the band’s live incarnations ever since: touring most of the world with them as electric violinist and multi instrumentalist. It was only as recently as 2013 that Davide left the band in order to dedicate his time to composition, arranging and  producing for other artists.

A certain highlight of Davide’s career to date has been his creative involvement with Coldplay whom he met in 2006 while touring with Goldfrapp  during their European support of their “X&Y” world tour. Since the first day of recording it became apparent to the band that Davide’s input would be very influential to their sound and the album sessions that spawned the massive “Viva La Vida” saw Davide flying back and forward to London, NY and LA from Copenhagen, where he then resided, for an eighteen month period while the record was made. He ended up contributing to six tracks on the album, including the band’s very first US and UK number one single “Viva La Vida”, which features Davide’s work in all it’s glory. The song and the album were nominated for an incredible 5 Grammies, eventually helping Davide collect his first 3awards at the 2008 ceremony. Davide went on to collaborate on “Mylo Xiloto” in 2010 and can be heard on 10 tracks on that album. With the release of  “Ghost Stories” in 2014, it will be the third album he has collaborated with the band.

Davide also has a rich and creative relationship with The Verve. On the band’s comeback album “Forth”, he contributed string arrangements and electric violin on six tracks of the album as well as joining them on stage, headlining Glastonbury and the V festivals in the UK and Summercase in Spain. Plus some legendary sessions at Maida Vale Studios as guests of Zane Lowe and T4.

In 2009 Davide started working with Jon Hopkins, (fellow Coldplay’s collaborator) on his critically acclaimed solo album “Insides”, where he arranged and played strings on the track “Vessel”. Jon then asked Davide to help him create the  soundtrack for the critically acclaimed independent British movie “Monsters”, which went on to collect several nominess at the British Independent Film and Bafta’s awards in 2010. Jon And Davide continued to collaborate on his latest soundtrack for the film “How I Live Now” and both supported Coldplay on the Japanese leg of the Viva La Vida tour, which took place in various arenas around the country.

The same year Davide collaborated with Danish electronica producer Trentemøller, headlining Roskilde festival and scoring for two tracks on his album “Into The Great Wide Yonder”. One of the tracks, “Shades of Marble”, was chosen as the main title track for Pedro Almodovar’s latest film “The Skin I Live In”.

Davide has also collaborated extensively with Röyksopp and in 2008 he arranged orchestrations for 6 tracks from their much lauded twin albums “Junior” and “Senior”. He was also asked by the band to remix Junior’s second single “The Girl And The Robot”, which under Davide’s control was transformed into a classical rework called “Suite For A Robotic Girl”.

This style of remixing caught the attention of Moby, who in 2009 commissioned Davide for a similar approach to a couple of tunes from his album “Wait For Me”: “Pale Horses” and “Mistake”. So successfull were these classical reinterpretations that he was quickly asked by Goldfrapp to transform their track “Believer” as well as being approcahed by Alan Wilder (of Depeche Mode fame) to rework “5000 Years (A Romanian Elergy For Strings)” for his Recoil moniker.

In 2009 Alicia Keys asked Davide to help score strings for her album “The Element of Freedom” and a couple of years later to do the same for her all conquering “Girl On Fire”. LP. Davide arranged and played on the single “Brand New Me” and was recognised for his work by winning yet another Grammy for Best R&B Album at the annual 2014 awards.

In 2010 he was asked to contribute arrangements for Dido, where he scored strings on two tracks of her latest release “Girl Who Got Away.”

In 2012 Davide started collaborating with producer Jacknife Lee. Over the last few years he has called on Davide to write scores for some truly eclectic artists including Glee star Lea Michele, super boyband One Direction, Stepehn Wrabel the legendary Neil Diamond, and the pair are currently working on new album for the hotely tipped Saint Raymond.

In 2013 Davide scored his first full length movie, a Danish film/documentary about Africans leaving their family behind and risking their lives in hope of a better life. The film entitled “Days of Hope” was directed by Ditte Haarløv Johnsen, and created a huge political stir in the country, challenging domestic foreign policies, and  has since been nominated for the 2013 Best Danish Documentary by prestigious paper Politiken and went on to be shown in several film festivals throughout Europe.

Very recently, Davide also arranged strings for the opening track “Tango Jealousie” by Danish composer Jacob Gade, for the spectacular opening night at the Eurovision Song Contest held in Copenhagen in May 2014.

Davide has recently written arrangements for Ed Sheeran’s forthcomign new Rick Rubin’s produced album X and can be heard on two songs: “Photograph”  and “Afire Love”.

Davide also continues to release music as an artist and is currently writing and releasing music with ex Verve members Si Jones and Nick McCabe under the moniker Black Submarine. Their debut album “New Shores” is dark and electrifying and has been described as a “treat of swaggering psychadelic rock”

Title Artist Label Credit
Mylo Xyloto Coldplay Parlophone    String  Arranger/Performer
Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall Coldplay Parlophone   String  Arranger/Performer
Prospekt’s March Coldplay Parlophone  String  Arranger/Performer
Viva La Vida Coldplay Parlophone  String  Arranger/Performer
Girl On Fire Alicia Keys RCA/Jive  String  Arranger/Performer
The Element of Freedom Alicia Keys RCA/Jive  String  Arranger/Performer
Something Great One Direction Sony  String  Arranger/Performer
Score for the film ‘Monsters’ Jon Hopkins Domino  String  Arranger/Performer
Insides Jon Hopkins Domino  String  Arranger/Performer
If You Wait London Grammar Ministry Of Sound  String  Arranger/Performer
Junior Röyksopp EMI  String  Arranger/Performer
Senior Röyksopp EMI  String  Arranger/Performer
Suite For A Robotic Girl Röyksopp EMI  String  Arranger/Performer
New Shores Black Submarine Kobalt  Writer/Produer/String  Arranger
The Singles Goldfrapp EMI/Mute  String  Arranger/Performer
Head First Goldfrapp EMI/Mute  String  Arranger/Performer
2010 Believer Goldfrapp EMI/Mute  String  Arranger/Performer
Seventh Tree Goldfrapp EMI/Mute  String  Arranger/Performer
Wonderful Electric: Live in London Goldfrapp EMI/Mute  String  Arranger/Performer
Black Cherry Goldfrapp EMI/Mute  String  Arranger/Performer
Felt Mountain Goldfrapp EMI/Mute  String  Arranger/Performer
Pale Horses Moby Little Idiot Records  String  Arranger/Performer
Mistake Moby Little Idiot Records   String  Arranger/Performer
Forth The Verve    String  Arranger/Performer
Score And Soundtrack The Hunger Games: Catching Fire    String  Arranger/Performer
The Very Best Of: 25 Years 1987-2012 The Proclaimers W14 Music  String  Arranger/Performer
New Religion/In Recognition The Proclaimers W14 Music  String  Arranger/Performer
Life With You The Proclaimers W14 Music  String  Arranger/Performer
Notes And Rhythm The Proclaimers W14 Music  String  Arranger/Performer
Come To Life Natalia Imbruglia Island  String  Arranger/Performer
Greatest Hits Dido RCA  String  Arranger/Performer
Girl Who Got Away Dido RCA  String  Arranger/Performer
Kodachrome Compositions for Orchestra by Raymond Scott    
Mantaray Siouxie Sioux  W14 Music  String  Arranger/Performer
You And I The Pierces Polydor  String  Arranger/Performer
Cake or Death Lee Hazelwood BPX1992  String  Arranger/Performer
Fauna Oh Land Fake Diamond Records  String  Arranger/Performer
Ali e Radici Eros Ramazzotti Sony BMG  String  Arranger/Performer
Love Me back Jazmine Sullivan Arista  String  Arranger/Performer
Selected Recoil Mute  Primary Artist/String  Arranger/Performer
Into The Great Wide Yonder Trentemøller In My Room Records   String      Arranger/Performer
Live in Copenhagen Trentemøller In My Room Records  String  Arranger/Performer
Java Heat Additional music for the sountrack with Black Submarine    Main  Artist/Composer/  Electric Violin
Chocabeck Zucchero Universal  String  Arranger/Performer
Fox & Feldman Clarinet quintets with Roger Heaton, Mieko Kanno, Bridget Carey and Sophie Harris – Metier Sound & Vision-  violin    Violin