Gethin Pearson

Gethin is rapidly emerging as an established engineer, producer and songwriter from a Welsh scene that has given birth to a diverse array of massive acts. He was a key part of The Vestals, who released critically acclaimed singles via Killing Moon and Drawing Board Recordings (Caroline/Universal), before deciding to focus on writing and production. An unstoppable force in the studio, with an experience in a vast range of music, Gethin brings a passion and commitment to produce each record to the tone of the individual artist.

2015 has been a big year for Gethin so far. He has been in the studio with one of the UK’s most well known and established indie bands, The Enemy, whose first album peaked at no.1 and second album peaked at no.2. The band turned to Gethin for their next record as they wanted to, as singer Tom puts it, "put an album out that’s different and progressive and a bit of an evolution.” Gethin helped them to delve into psychedelic and progressive sounds, explore contemporary records that they loved and also encouraged them to revisit some they had overlooked, resulting in an album that Tom is "confident…will catapult them straight back into the public eye" (NME).

Gethin has also been in the studio producing new material for The Hearts. The band recently hailed by Killing Moon Records as “This lands neatly somewhere in-between the electro-pop-rock stylings of The Killers and the more guitar-indie leaning tendancies of Stereophonics, as well as giving us nostalgic vibes alluding to Killing Moon alumni The Vestals along the way. Get into it, and stand-by for live dates! Playlisted on Radio 1, and appearing at Radio 1's One Big Weekend, with strong support from Huw Stephens and Annie Mac, this band is one to watch out for!

Gethin is fast establishing himself across the industry as the ‘go to’ producer for well-crafted songs. Covering a wide range of genres and artists, whether it’s heavy riffs or tasty pop lines, he is renowned for making an art out of the right song and the right sound for each individual artist.

Nov 2014 saw Gethin working with one of Ireland's favourites Leaders of Men, where he was flown out to the legendary Grouse Lodge to work on their new material. Early 2015 also saw Gethin working with some of the most exciting up and coming bands including Haus, Jaws, Bad Company, Clay and Army Of Bones getting great reviews and sitting comfortably on Radio 1 and XFM playlists across the board.

Gethin has also been writing with the new and exciting Cuckoolander who is fresh from her support tour with Charlie XCX!

Jaws Forthcoming album Prod/Eng/Mix  
The Enemy Forthcoming album Co-write/Prod/Eng/Mix  
Army of Bones Forthcoming album Co-write/Prod  
Clay Oxygen (single) Prod/Eng/Mix  
Andrew Bayliss Sweet Bitterness (EP) Prod/Eng/Mix  
Haus Haze (single) Prod/Eng/Mix  
Personal Best Arnos Vale (LP) Prod/Eng/Mix  
The Hearts Run Free (single) Prod/Eng/Mix  
Jaws Bad Company (single) Prod/Eng/Mix  
The Enemy Melody EP Co-Write/Prod/Eng/Mix 2014
Radio On You're Always Right (single) Co-Write/Prod/Eng/Mix  
Leaders Of Men Message To My Friends (EP) Co-Write/Prod/Eng/Mix  
The Hearts Lips (single) Co-Write/Prod/Eng/Mix  
Paper Boats 12 and Holidays (singles) Co-Write/Prod/Eng/Mix  
Chain Of Flowers Forthcoming album Co-Write/Prod/Eng/Mix  
The Vestals Life Without Love (EP) Co-Write/Prod/Eng/Mix  
Brutality Will Prevail Suspension Of Consciousness Co-Write/Prod/Eng/Mix  
Hark Crystaline Prod/Eng  
Radio On Don't Wait (single) Co-Write/Prod/Eng/Mix  
The Vestals Perfect Pain/Seventeen Co-Write/Prod/Eng/Mix 2013
Save Your Breath There Used To Be A Place For Us Co-Write/Prod/Eng