Lorna's career started when she left Arts Educational London Schools and went into musicals. She soon discovered she wanted to delve further into the land of vocals and took a natural side step to the world of gigging and songwriting.

During her busy time as a front vocalist travelling the world, Lorna developed cysts on her vocal chords and had to go through two rounds of surgery. At the time this seemed drastic, but after recuperating and re-training with her vocal guru Maureen Scott, she emerged the other side a better, stronger, more resilient singer and within no time she was being asked to coach others.

Lorna's coaching style is fun and individually catered to each singer's personality, songwriting, voice, style and ability. She prides herself in being able to get the finest results from all her vocalists and at the same time keep them vocally safe, strong and fit for the challenge of touring. Having been through vocal issues herself, this is first and foremost in her mind and she is able to advise and guide from her own experience.

Lorna has a great love of vocal production and whilst being an experienced vocalist herself, her great empathy for the person on the other side of the glass achieves fast, relaxed and easy results. Her theatre roots  provide her with the ability to 'direct' the vocalist around their own lyrics and bring out highly emotional, provocative recorded performances. All the time keeping the singer safe, relaxed and stress-free.

This year saw one million record sales for 'Wanted On Voyage' by George Ezra, who Lorna coaches and is credited for additional vocal production on the album.
She is also currently working with Rae Morris, Years & Years, Miles Kane and many other signed artists for all the major record labels.


'Lorna has changed the way I think and feel about performing live. I used to get many anxieties about doing damage to my voice which would ultimately end up spoiling a gig for me. I still get those moments of worry and days of tiredness, but Lorna is there to advise me and build my strength to overcome them. I'm also very excited to explore new parts of my voice that I didn't know I had.'
- Rae Morris

"She's my secret ingredient."
- George Ezra

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