About Big Life Management

Established in 1986 by Jazz Summers and Tim Parry, Big Life Management has shaped the careers of a multitude of successful artists. With an unfaltering desire to stick to "getting the music right, and the rest will follow" Big Life has been instrumental in the successes of artists as diverse as Lisa Stansfield, The Verve, Coldcut, La Roux and Snow Patrol.

Drawing on Jazz's vast experience previous including breaking Wham across the world, Summers and Parry built a formidable reputation for being relentlessly passionate and driven to do the best by their acts. Looking over a timeline of the company's early history is almost a who's who of acclaimed alternative acts and breakthrough mainstream successes, beginning with The Soup Dragons and moving on to Coldcut, Yazz (also released by the sister company Big Life Records, home also at the time to De La Soul and later The Orb) and Lisa Stansfield.

It's arguably in the late 90s however where Big Life really hit its stride. Summers and Parry picked up The Verve and helped them to craft their third album 'Urban Hymns' - it later went on to become one of the biggest selling albums of all time in the UK. This new streak the delivered Mercury Prize winning Mancunian Badly Drawn Boy and his revered 'Hour of the Bewilderbeast' LP.

In 2003, the pair picked up a leftfield indie band called Snow Patrol and after sticking with the act through a tough period of convincing record labels, 'Final Straw' was released the next year. That and its successor were worldwide successes for the band.

Current day Big Life is as excitable about music as ever. After years in the business, Summers and Parry with their team of co-managers and excellent assistants maintain an immense passion for new and brilliant music. Recent international success with Klaxons, La Roux and a commitment to its artists by supporting the self-release of The Futureheads' last two album have ensured the firm's place amongst the musical landscape for years to come.

As Summers puts it himself, "I've enjoyed the last 25 years, so here's to the next 25."

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